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Enlarged product view is not working

  • Hi, for some reason when I click product picture from product page it does not open enlarged picture of the product. Could you please help to resolve that?

    I figured that in order to view large product picture I have to have more than one image for product so that list of thumbnails show under the product image. And I have you click on thumbnail image to open large view.

    1. How to make large view open on a click on the picture, not just thumbnail?

    2. Even when clicking on thumbnail, large view only works once, if you click on other thumbnail image it would not open large view unless page is reloaded. Then it works once again. I’ve noticed it’s the same on your live demo.

    Nice looking theme just need to solve some small but important issues.

    Please advise.
    Thank you!


    1) We’ve updated the Veronica theme to the version 1.2.0 where we’ve tried to correct the errors. Now it remains just to wait until the Mojo team will update the theme on their site. Then you will be able to download the updated theme for free in your account.
    2) To increase the product image when hovering, you need to take the original image of larger size (800×600 pix or more).
    Please note that it is important to set the thumbnail size in WooCommerce. Optimal sizes are shown on the screenshot.


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    I’ve tried that and it seems that it only works if I disable WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier > Slider Settings > Activate Slider > Activate Thumbnail Slider

    We fixed this bug in updated version of Veronica theme.


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