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Main page product formatting issue

  • On main page, product pictures are larger then in demo and are not centered. And the site itself is not centered in the view of the browser. Please advise.

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    We’ve updated the Veronica theme to the version 1.2.0 where we’ve tried to correct the errors. Now it remains just to wait until the Mojo team will update the theme on their site. Then you will be able to download the updated theme for free in your account.


    Thank you for a reply! I’m looking forward to upgrade.

    Will that address Revolution Slider issue? It is not responding to settings. Like something is overriding it css.

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    New version of Revolution Slider comes with updated version of Veronica theme.

    Thank you very much, Artem, for all of your replies. I’m looking forward to update.

    The updated Veronica theme is already on Mojomarketplace.

    Best regards,

    Thank you, Artem!

    The updated version seems to be better.

    But for some reason when I configure WooCommerce>Settings>Products>Display>ShopPage set to “Shop” page, all the Theme’s side bars disappear.

    Also, I’m trying to change the order of products through Products>Name>Edit>Advanced>MenuOrder but it have no effect. All stays in same place after page refresh.

    Sorry for bugging again. I would very much appreciate your suggestion if possible.

    Best Regards

    I will try to put it into better perspective:

    Condition 1:
    WooCommerce>ShopPage unset
    Result 1:
    “Shop” link forwards to ‘’. Sidebar displaid. No sorting.
    If manually navigate to link ‘’. No sidebar. Sorting is working.

    Condition 2:
    WooCommerce>ShopPage set to “Shop”
    Result 2:
    “Shop” link forwards to ‘’. No sidebar. No sorting.
    If manually navigate to link ‘’, get forwarded to ‘’

    Theme is unable to display Shop page properly after ‘Shop’ page assigned in WooCommerce. But WooCommernce also assign pages for ‘Cart’ and ‘Checkout’ pages and they show up with sidebars normally.

    This may need some tweak in template or some theme script.

    Please help.
    Thank you!

    Only the Woocommerce sidebar appears on the store page. If your Woocommerce sidebar is not filled with any special widgets for the store, it does not appear.
    Also, can give us the link to your site?


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    1. Disable the sidebar in the theme settings (screenshot 1.png)
    2. On the page of the store stays the sorting of products. (screenshot 2.png)

    Maybe you can use the shortcode variants that we use on the theme pages.

    Home v1: Big slider + Shop

    [product_category category="collections" per_page="12" columns="3"]

    Home v2: Big slider + Shop + Parallax

    [product_category category="Collections" per_page="12" columns="3"]

    Lists recent products

    [recent_products per_page=”3″ columns=”3″]

    Home v3: Parallax + Shop

    [product_category category="collections" per_page="12" columns="3"]
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    Thank you, Artem!
    I’ll keep working on it.


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