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Remove "By" in Author line

  • I am the only person writing on my blog and I don’t need my name to appear on each post. I found a plugin that removes the author valtrex name but it leaves the word, “By”. Is there something I can put in the CSS custom section that will remove the word “BY” so I can not have that showing up? Or better yet, can you tell me the parent class and regular expression? That way I can use the Show Hide Author plugin to remove it.

    We need to see your site to understand what are your problems. We ask you again to give us a link to your website.

    Sorry for just now getting back. The site is Like I said, I just need the the parent class and regular expression for the word, “By” in the “By Julia” line. Thanks.

    Just select the white color in the Theme Option panel, as shown on the screenshot.

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    OK, thanks!


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