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Static front page with posts

  • The documentation for the Writer theme indicates that I can have a static front page AND have posts appear on that page. I have gone through the steps many, many times. I can have a static front page with no posts or a site that shows all of the posts, but not both. Is this an either/or situation or can I have a static front page that also can display posts?
    The page that I created buy aciphex named blog (which I have set up in Settings -> Reading to be my posts page) does not show any posts. My posts show in a sidebar OR, if I choose “Your latest posts on the Reading Settings page, they show on the first page of the site.

    I would like for my site to have a photo on the first page AND show posts below it. Without repeating the instructions in your “documentation” please tell me how to do this.

    Give us please a link to your site.

    I’ve decided to just have blog posts. If I want to do something else I’ll probably choose another theme – one that allows taglines. I wish I had looked at this theme more closely (my bad). I’m getting used to it. Thanks for your quick response though.

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