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Too much vertical space between widgets

  • Hi
    I’ve google searched and tried quite a few css codes in the custom css section of the Writer theme and nothing is changing the vertical spacing between my widgets.
    Could you please advise how I can do this pelase?


    Just go to Writer -> CSS folder -> style.css ->line 561 and change padding value from 1.5rem 0; to 0.5rem 0; for example.

    Screenshot attached.

    Best regards.

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    Thanks Artem
    I’m unsure how to do this. I’ve looked at Appearance > Editor > Writer: Stylesheet (style.css) and I cannot find the line 561 you’re talking about. I’m not that familiar with .css and am afraid of doing something I might stuff up. Is there another way to do this eg. through the custom css/js in the theme options?

    Just add this part of code into the custom css/js in the Theme Option:

    #sidebar .panel {
      padding: 1.5rem 0!important;

    Best regards

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