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  • Hey guys,

    Bought your Writer template for a Spanish website and i’m already loving it. Obviously I want all the text in Spanish but struggled to follow the instructions on the guide (rookie here).

    Can you please help me? Do I need to re-install it all?

    I’m already live at

    Hi, Carlos!

    We will do the translation of the theme into Spanish. But since we are not native speakers, if you notice inaccuracies in the translation, please let us know and we’ll fix it.

    No need to reinstall anything. We will send you an e-mail (on the mailbox that you specified during registration) with the translation files to Spanish. You only have to put the translation files in the Writer => Lang folder. And if you have a WordPress version for the Spanish language, there’s nothing else to do. If you have the English version of WordPress, you should just add to the file wp-config.php this line:

    define ('WPLANG', 'es_ES');

    Please check the correctness of the translation and let us know.

    By the way, we noticed that on your website in the sidebar is enable META widget. It’s not safe. We would recommend you to disable this widget.

    Wow. Thank you so much guys.

    And sorry again for the ignorance. but how do I find this “Lang” Folder?

    and where is the wp-config.php to add the line ‘es_ES’ line?


    Hi, Carlos!

    We noticed that you have the English version of WordPress and the method of theme translation, which we wrote above may not work in the new WordPress. Therefore, the best and correct way to do so that the site was in Spanish – set Spanish WordPress. You can download it from this link After that, you need to download an updated version of Writer (1.0.2) from Mojo with a ready translation into Spanish. And add this theme to your Spanish WordPress. Then by default you will have the website in Spanish.
    We can send you the translation files separately, but anyway until you reinstall Spanish WordPress, translation will not work.

    WordPress has been switched to Spanish. Where do I go to download the Spanish Writer (1.0.2) version? and how do I install? (Do I have to un-install the original one?)

    Thank you guys so much. Incredibly helpful.

    Just noticed that it works! It’s all in spanish. Except the “read more” tab for each post (should say: LEER MAS)

    The rest look great. thanks again!

    We sent to your email the translation files and instructions how to add them into your theme.

    Everything received thank you. Where is the wp-conten-theme-writer part located in wordpress? I added the lang folder to the download of the theme in my computer but that did nothing. Do I re-install with that in or is there a place inside wordpress to add the lang? Thank you again. Almost there 🙂

    Hi, Carlos!
    You have to put the Lang folder in the main folder of Writer theme, which is not located on your home computer, but on your hosting. You need to use FTP program (for example Filezilla), and put the files es_ES.po and (these are the files that we sent you) into the Lang folder. So, the full path would look like this – FTP (Filezilla) => the folder with your site => wp-content => themes => Writer => lang. In this folder LANG you have to put files es_ES.po and
    In this case, all should be work at 100% 🙂

    How can I change the “read more” link. I want to specifically use a frase there.
    Thank you so much for everything guys. The website looks great.

    Hi, Carlos!
    You can write any your phrase instead of Read more just replace this phrase in functions.php file. This file located here: Writer folder -> functions.php. Look at the screenshot for more information.
    We have noticed that you have not used social icons in the footer. Just remove this sign # from the first five social icons in the Theme Options panel. We just left it for example.

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    You guys are on point!

    2 more questions:

    – How do I make sure the image on the article shows on the actual article page as oppose to just on the main blog page?

    – How do I change the “by” on the red author’s box?

    Thanks again! Planning to bring my other blog into the same theme (english version)

    Hi, Carlos!
    You need to do the same thing as last time. Just replace the word “by” in the file content.php as shown in the screenshot 1.jpg
    And about article image. You should to add the same image as Featured Image at the beginning of your article. How to do this is shown in the screenshot 2.jpg
    If you have any other questions, please contact us.

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    Thanks. Everything is working great.

    – How do I get the formatting in the article to be the same as the now shown on the preview?

    Please specify what you want to change?

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